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Do you need to detox?

Ironically, "detox" has become a bit of a dirty word. What does it mean exactly?

Our bodies are constantly exposed to toxins - substances that can cause harm and damage to our cells. These are produced by the body itself as part of its regular housekeeping processes, and they also enter our bodies from our environment - through our food, drink, air, and skin.

Our bodies are perfectly equipped to get rid of these toxins, and eliminate them via our bowels and skin. The liver, kidneys, lungs, skin and digestive system are our inbuilt detoxification organs and they do an amazing job.

Think of them like a whole team of professional cleaners, working round the clock to keep your house clean.

But what if you keep constantly dumping rubbish and dirt in your house? And then stop buying the cleaning materials that they need?

The cleaners are perfectly trained and capable of keeping your house clean. They will work overtime to do a good job. But with the constant onslaught of dirt and rubbish, and lack of good-quality materials, they eventually start to get tired, and a bit sluggish, and inevitably, the dirt starts to accumulate in your house.

What do you do? Do you say to yourself - it will be fine - these cleaners are the best in their industry, true professionals, they know what they are doing, I'll just leave it to them. Why do I need to concern myself with cleaning? That's their job, it's what they do best!

Or do you think you might want to help them out a bit? Stop dumping some of that rubbish in your house, give them a bit of a break, let them catch up on all those housekeeping tasks that have had to take a back seat?

That's what I mean by a detox. Give your body's cleaning team - your detoxification organs - a bit of a break. Some time out to reset, recharge, catch up. And give them all they need to do a good job - the best quality "cleaning materials" - in the form of good quality nutrients.

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