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Hidden Sources of Pollution in Your Home – A Simple Guide (infographic)

How clean is your home?

I'm not talking about actual dirt building up on surfaces (following several months of lockdown and homeschool - we don't need to go there). I'm talking about the air.

Did you know the air quality inside your home can be worse than outside in terms of the concentration of chemicals and toxic compounds it can contain?

This is especially relevant as I write this in lockdown winter, when the windows and doors remain firmly shut and we're cosied up indoors binge watching Netflix, some of us barely making it outside at all on some days.

As I prepare for my first group Cleanse and Reset programme, I've been reflecting on sources of toxins that many of us encounter day-to-day, and indoor air pollution is a big one.

Read my simple guide below for the lowdown and some ideas of how you can start to make a difference and reduce the toxic load in your home...

Remember, it's a journey... you can't change everything overnight! Start small. I recommend just one small change a month.

You might start by allocating just 1 hour per week researching cleaner alternatives to your regular cleaning or beauty products, for example. Or looking up some good varieties of houseplants that clean and purify the air. Just take small steps in the right direction...

It can be overwhelming so don't focus on the things you can't change. If you've just bought yourself a brand new memory foam mattress for example, you're clearly not going to throw it in the bin! Look at other areas where you can make a start instead. Maybe you can put some houseplants in your bedroom (or an air purifier). Maybe you can look at your cleaning products instead. It's impossible to change everything all at once so be kind to yourself and take it slow...

My new LIVE group-based Cleanse and Reset programme is coming up soon. For more information on the programme and to register your interest, please submit your details here.

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